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Original Slim Sauna Belt With Free Mr. Fit Sweat Slimming Belt – 5 Years Warranty


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What’s SAUNA SLIM BELT is an advance slimming product that & help you to remove cellulite, lose extra weight and relive any muscle pain . All these while you are relaxing at home.

Sauna Belt Features:

  • It is safe and simple to use and delivers brilliant result.
  • Gives an instant slim look and works as a massager as it gives relief from pains.
  • Just wrap it around your waist for at least 15 minutes at stretch and relax.
  • The perfect combination, in which heat melts fat and helps in loosing inches

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person


How it works:

Sauna belt is designed in such a way that it can be tied easily around the stomach of the users. The product has specified user control givens in the form of a remote control which users can mange by placing inside the hands. The technology depends largely on vibration and the machine vibrates in selected patterns. These vibrations help in the reduction of extra fat in the belly. The machine also provides a considerable heat to make the vibration effective. Thus sauna belt reduces fat without much physical burden to the individuals.

Product Package Includes.

  • 2 Flexible Sauna Belt Imported (one size fits all with secure fastening system).
  • Multi-Level Remote Control.
  • Instructional Guide.
  • 7-Diet Plan and a Measurement Tape.

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person.

Key Features Of Mr. Fit Sweat Slimming Belt

  • 100% Original Sweat Slimming Belt
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Very Effective & Reliable Product For Stomach Fat Removal.
  • 100 % Satisfaction GUARANTEED Or Money Back
  • Helps you to look slim instantly
  • No Side Effects
  • Free 1 Month Personalized Diet Plan By Our Weight Loss Experts
  • Lose weight without exercise and dieting*
  • Can Be Wear Again & Again Even After You Loose Some Weight.
  • Comfortable To Wear Anytime Even While Sleeping.
  • Washable & Stretchable Product For Both Men & Women
  • Easy Fit Inside Any Dress To Give You Instant Shape
  • Helps To Burn Calories & Support Abdomen Muscles
  • Helps in Backache
  • Improves Stamina
  • Easy Size Exchange/Replacement If Not Fit

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person

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Original Slim Sauna Belt With Free Mr. Fit Sweat Slimming Belt – 5 Years Warranty