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4-Wheel Abdominal Wheel Power Ab Roller for Home Gym

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The ab wheel works much more than just your abdominal exercise. Your entire core, which includes your obliques, lower back, hips and the deeper layers of core musculature, all get hit very hard during rollout exercise. 4 Wheel Automatic Rebound Ab Roller for Abs Workout Enjoy your beach body (with six pack abs): Versatile ab trainer equipment can tone all areas including back, shoulders, arms, chest, triceps and stomach - including obliques and hip flexors Automatic Rebound Design: Super stable and easy to control - four wheel ab wheel fitness roller well balanced and the retractable feature,suitable for beginner or advanced fitness level - Whether your goal is to build muscle or burn calories and eliminate belly fat Train with one of the most effective pieces of home exercise equipment. It is made of strong, durable material to ensure it withstands even the most intense workout sessions. The ab wheel is made of strong stainless steel, non-slip rubber and durable PVC. The abs roller ha

Country of Origin: India

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4-Wheel Abdominal Wheel Power Ab Roller for Home Gym