Mr.Fit Electric Foot Spa Massager Machine with 8 rollers, Digital Panel, Bubble Bath & Water Heating Technology for Pedicure, Pain relief & Foot Care

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  • This foot spa massager is equipped with 8 strong mannual rollers to improve blood circulation. Mrfit Foot spa massager also offers bubble massage, Infrared Water heat and Timer function, providing you a warm foot spa experience to relieve fatigue. Calming bubbles percolate through water to pamper your feet and melt away stress.
  • Through in-built water heating technology water temperature can be set from 35-48℃. You can cherish a relaxing luxury foot spa to soften hard areas of the feet. Your skin will be soft, your toenails will look fresher and softer to cut.
  • Digital Panel is easy to understand. Bubble massage, heating and timer function can be controlled using the digital panel. Turn on the bubble jet function to soothe plantar fasciitis and relax overworked feet. Adjust massage duration using the timer function. You can control the temperature to enjoy the perfect foot spa experience.
  • Foot spa massager machine is installed with no-slip handle for easy movement. If you want to change the water, it has a drain pipe for easy draining. Foot Spa massager machine has Stylish & elegant appearance, perfect for personal use or as gifts for others .
  • You can put your feet anytime inside the machine without any fear as the design is totally shockproof.
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Free Delivery in 2-4 Days
  • Cash On Delivery Available
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Mr.Fit foot Spa massager machine is artistically designed with 8 rollers to provide you instant comfort, the heat and bubble massage will give you the feeling of sauna bath along with bubbles, heating function and extra space you will also get 8 rollers which are designed to work like a callus remover. These rollers are strong enough to handle any weight. This foot spa tub’s heating technology is quick and effective, giving you hot water within few minutes. You can control the heat and bubble features using the digital panel which is installed in the front of the machine. Timer button is also installed on the panel.

Package Content: 1 Massager, Warranty Card, User Manual

18 reviews for Mr.Fit Electric Foot Spa Massager Machine with 8 rollers, Digital Panel, Bubble Bath & Water Heating Technology for Pedicure, Pain relief & Foot Care

  1. Darayes (verified owner)

    Elegant looking product. Takes time for water to heat. Manually operated rollers not very effective. Pain relief would vary from person to person. Fair relief for me

  2. zwagig1791 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my mother who has joint problems.

    She has been using it for the past few days and she feels more relieved from the pain she has experienced and she claims that it is helpful in the recovery of her joint pains.

    The product is definitely helpful to people who have foot or joint pain as well as who live to relax their feet after a long tiring day, so I would recommend to surely give the product a try.

  3. arun k (verified owner)

    Product quality is good. Works well. Water gets really hot as required and the rollers and bubbles are good.

    Some improvements could be made – the drain pipe does not drain all the water so we need to turn the box itself.. which is not a great hassle anyway. When we lift the product by the handle it tends to tilt downwards and there is worry that the water may spill. Also the power cord could have been longer.

    Overall good product and works as advertised.

  4. Priyanka (verified owner)

    It is definitely easy to use clean and store

    All the promised features are there and they all work. It does the job. Auto rollers would have been amazing.
    Best thing is the drainage pipe, makes it less messy

  5. Srinivas (verified owner)

    Product is good and durable. But only one thing I can suggest. All wheels are of same size. Center of the foot is not able to contact the wheel. So less relief to the center of the foot as it is curved shape. So better to increase center wheels size(diameter).

  6. Kaushal Kumar Agrawal (verified owner)

    At first, I tested it with tester and out shown current in water, but its harmless. I didn’t even feel a zing as I inserted my feet in water. Put tap water and it was got within few minutes. Put liquid get soap and it was so relaxing.

  7. Phaneesh (verified owner)

    I got doubt ,whether we can add any liquid,oil,lemon juice in water.machine will not effetct from this.

  8. Sudha Singh (verified owner)

    This Mrfit Foot Massager is a very good product for what it offers at its price point. The water heats gradually so you don’t feel if a burning sensation, the bubbles and vibration are mild and give a relaxing feel. The overall design of the product makes it look much more premium than the competition.

  9. Sourav Ghosh (verified owner)

    I shared this review after 20 days of use, and as per my experience its too good to use, and its manual roller really help full to release the weakness after end of the day. As per my experience its every thing is good except small power cord, as per my thinking, if company provide some more length of power cord, its more helpful, other wise its perfect.

  10. BB (verified owner)

    Digital control with beep sound on every button press.
    Water holding capacity is more.
    Timer setting is additional.
    Water drainage is easy,
    Maintenance is easy.

    Temparature setting can not be turned off.
    Big Feet cannot move freely in front, space is less.
    Rollers are less effective .

  11. Priya (verified owner)

    Like soak my feet at home and some time will go to the predicure salon to do foot massage spa. After using the foot spa, I dont need to go to the predicure salon anymore. Heat function is very good. Massage and bubble experience just like doing the professional foot spa. Very easy to get the super enjoyment. Already recommend to my friends who likes soak feet like me.

  12. Rk (verified owner)

    2nd purchase review : bought this product after trying out 2 other foot spas. Nothing worked out. Except the problems in the first review the machine is fine. This one’s water heats up too..:) go for it.

    1st purchase review : my foot size is large (41-42) my toes kept on hitting the front part while I moved the rollers. And was not able to rub the heel part which was much needed. Even though the sticker on the machine says the water will get heated in 5-10 mts this didn’t happen with my machine. Overall an ok product.

  13. Keerthana Kandasamy (verified owner)

    This product is really awesome. It is very easy to move around with the handle provided. Also it comes with a lid which helps us to keep it clean. The lovely part is the drain pipe. The water filled can be just drained in 5 minutes. The only con is the water heat is not sufficient. Overall this product deserves a 5 star.

  14. Prateek (verified owner)

    Works as described! Looks good and feels like a sturdy product with good material used. Easy to use functions and also draining spout is an add on.

  15. Ritu (verified owner)

    Economic, budget friendly if brought on discount… I bought this for 1799/-. Nice luk

  16. Khusboo (verified owner)

    Very good product with brilliant quality. Working as shown in the details of the product page. After first usage of the product I can feel the difference and my leg pain is reduced.

    Would definately recommend.

  17. Vikas Agarwal (verified owner)


  18. Shubham (verified owner)

    Very nice product and unique

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