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Kamachi Swinging & Vibrating Massager With Infra Red Rays


Kamachi Swinging & Vibrating With Infra Red Rays (Foot Massage)

  1. Speeds Variation:There are 8 Different levels of speed
  2. Age Groups:Perfect for all age groups and can be used as a sport, exercise.
  3. Physical FeaturesSoft Cushion Footrest and Acupressure Points on the Massager

Digital Remote Control With 8 Levels Of Speed. Soft Cushion Footrest. Acupressure Points On The Massager. Infrared Lamps On The Top. Best For All Age Groups As A Sport , Exercise. Walking With Complete Gold Fish Movements. 10,000 Steps In 15 Minutes Of Usage. Timer Controlled Remote Control. Comes With A Cushion & A Plastic Disc As Well. Made With High Quality Durable Material.

7,999.00 6,999.00 13% Off

Jogger Walker Machine


Free Sauna Belt |  1 Year Warranty |  Pay Cash on Delivery / Pay Online | Limited Period Offer. Order Now

Morning Jogger Walker is the latest invention for both morning & evening workouts. The product is an extension of aerobic exerciser provided with adjustable timer. Use it for 15 minutes and you are all fit for the day. Using this amazing walker 15 minutes a day is equals to 10000 steps of walking. The product helps in keeping you fit through providing you all the benefits of extreme workouts that require extra time to be taken out from your tight schedule. The product is of great help especially to the working people who can’t take out extra time to exercise or workout. It helps in maintaining one’s health and physique.

Jogger Machine Specifications:

  • Substitute of a one hour walk.
  • Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Relieves back pain muscle pain and neuralgia.*
  • Relieves from various diseases and ailments.*
  • Aerobic exercise for the entire body.
  • Reduces weight and dissolves fat.
  • 1 Years Replacement warranty.
  • Adjustable Timer.
  • Provides a complete Lower body workout.

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person

3,999.00 2,999.00 25% Off

Swing Walker Machine


Swing Walker Machine 10000 steps in 15min | Free SaunaBelt | 1 Year Warranty |  Pay Cash on Delivery / Pay Online | Limited Period Offer. Order Now

Swing Walker Machine is an ultimate Ab Workout Machines that helps you move the largest muscle group of the body i.e. the legs. Walker helps you move the entire body in the swinging motion increasing the flow of blood in the entire body. It helps in removing toxins from the body and allows all of the cells to absorb oxygen efficiently.

* Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person

Features of Swing Walker:

  • Walker is very simple to use.
  • It consumes just 50 watts of power.
  • Blood to circulate efficiently in the whole body.
  • 10 km run kind of workout, which makes you sweaty and burn calories.
  • Relieves back pain, muscle pain and neuralgia.
  • Relax while having a workout and your entire body is rejuvenated within these few minutes of workout.
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